Valvoline and the Environment

Acting in the Best Interest of Everyone

Valvoline is a division of Ashland Inc., a global specialty chemical company.  Valvoline and all Ashland divisions are committed to excellence in environmental health, safety and security.  We strive to have a positive impact on our communities and society as a whole. How strong is this commitment? We’ve made it a company policy.

We carry out our commitment by supporting the principles and ethics of Responsible Care*, a global initiative to advance the safe management of chemical products and operations. Our Responsible Care programs include:
- A global management system to deliver excellence in environmental, health and safety
- Meeting required local, regional, international and business-specific standards
- Employee involvement at every level in our organizations
- Improvement toward our goals of operating with zero incidents, achieving 100% compliance

But the way we operate is only part of the Valvoline effort.  As the world’s leading, independent manufacturer of premium quality lubricants, Valvoline is motivated to find better ways to make products.  In many markets, Valvoline NextGen™ engine oils deliver 100% Valvoline engine protection that is also better for the environment.

More engine protection meets less environmental impact
NextGen motor oil delivers the Valvoline performance and protection you demand for your engine. It meets and exceeds industry specifications, and matches the exact premium standards for 100% Valvoline protection.  But Valvoline NextGen is made from an innovative new oil formula that uses less energy, creates fewer emissions and cuts the need new oil drilling, so it’s better for the environment compared to oils produced with standard methods.

NextGen breakthrough technology
Valvoline is an independent producer of motor oil. So we're continually looking for ways to make motor oil better. Only now does the technology exist to make NextGen and meet our high performance standards. The base oils used in NextGen match the performance and protection of other premium base oils. Then we add Valvoline's award-winning formulation to create a breakthrough motor oil that surpasses all the latest industry specifications.  In fact, NextGen technology is proven every weekend in the high performance engines of our racing teams.    

A better process for a better result
The NextGen formula uses new technology and advanced refining that requires less energy consumption and reduces emissions compared to typical oil refining.  The result is new oil with all the performance of premium quality traditional oils, but NextGen also reduces carbon footprint.

Why is Valvoline the first major brand to offer oil that reduces environmental impact?
Like you, we are increasingly concerned about the planet we share, and we are determined to work hard to lessen the environmental impact of products. We are an independent motor oil company, meaning that we do not drill crude oil like our major competitors do. This frees us to explore new and innovative ways to conserve precious resources. Our long history of innovation (we invented the first motor oil, racing oil, and high kilometre / mileage motor oil) puts us in the ideal position to bring another game-changing motor oil product to the market.

Reduce impact on the environment with your next oil change
The amount of energy used to find, drill, transport and refine crude oil is significant. NextGen eliminates or reduces many of these steps, and therefore has a smaller "carbon footprint," reduces energy consumption and cuts fossil fuel use compared to oil made with standard methods.

Learn more about Valvoline NextGen

If you would like to now more about the options to save fuel, calculate your possible fuel and eco savings when using Valvoline with the Valvoline Calculator. Fuel economy

Valvoline Australia and The Environment
Valvoline maintains an Environment Policy that is reviewed on a regular basis. To view the current version click on the link below.

Valvoline Environmental Policy

Valvoline has only one blending facility in Australia at Wetherill Park, New South Wales (NSW). This facility operates under a NSW Environment Protection Licence from the Office of Environment and Heritage. The licence requires Valvoline to undertake annual environmental pollution monitoring. The result of this monitoring can be accessed through the following link:

EPL 3182 Monitoring Data - January 2017
EPL 3182 Monitoring Data - January 2016
EPL 3182 Monitoring Data - January 2015

EPL 3182 Monitoring Data - January 2014

In NSW all holders of an Environment Protection Licence must prepare a Pollution Incident Response Management Plan (PIRMP). Certain parts of the PIRMP's for the Valvoline site can be accessed through the following link:

Pollution Incident Response Management Plan contact details

Valvoline Australia is committed to sustainable practices in the design, manufacturing and recycling of its product packaging. Valvoline first became a signatory to the National Packaging Covenant in 2005 and will continue to support the objectives and principles of the new Australian Packaging Covenant.

Click here to view our APC Action Plan

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