Provides long life protection in GM and Asian made vehicles

Zerex DEX-COOL™ ready to use Antifreeze / Coolant

•Organic Acid Technology (OAT).

•Phosphate & silicate free.

•Prevents cold weather freeze ups and hot weather boil overs.

•Protects against hard water scale build up for both petrol and diesel engines.

•Long life protection for up to 5 years or 240,000 km at a 50% concentration.

•Colour: Red

Zerex DEX-COO  RTU Antifreeze Coolant
"Zerex DEX-COOL Life 5/150 antifreeze coolant is the latest long life automotive engine coolant development from Valvoline. The patented carboxylate formulation has a service life of up to five years or 150,000 miles. It incorporates state-ofthe-art organic acid technology (OAT) in an ethylene glycol base for protection of all cooling system metals including aluminum. Zerex DEX-COOL® 5/150 antifreeze coolant is approved by General Motors to the GM 6277M specification. Features: •Provides long life protection in GM and Asian made vehicles •GM DEX-COOL Approved •Navistar CEMS B-1 Type IIIA •Protection for up to 5 years / 150,000 miles •Organic Acid Technology (OAT) minimizes corrosion inhibitor depletion •Patented formula contains no silicates, phosphates, borates, nitrates or amines •Excellent rust and corrosion protection •Helps prevent boil-overs and freeze-ups •Protects all cooling system metals including aluminum •It is RTU, prediluted with 50% demineralized water."


Available sizes: 5L, 208L

Approvals/Performance Levels

ATSM D3396, SAE J1934, J814, J1941, TMC of ATA AP-302B, General Motors